How long will people take to forget me if i Die

Recently tried to have a strange experiment! This made me realize how many days will i be living among people once I am dead. And believe me the result was not good, and was really hurting.

According to the experiment, people will start letting me go from their life within 24 hour of my death. Will get alternates within 7 days and within 9 Days I will be completely out of their lives.

The experiment was really disappointing that the worth of all my life is just a couple of days, and then i am no more part of some ones world.

But that’s how world works. I am just part of a machine , system, if i am not available, i will soon be replaced . . . to keep the continuity of the system.

13 thoughts on “How long will people take to forget me if i Die”

  1. True but you would be remembered if you would die with some personality with something left behind worth inspirable for others whether it be in your profession or any other thing.

      1. And regarding personality brother … one doesn’t have it … one always makes it … so make it and you will have it for sure …

  2. Everyone is chosen brother. Its only a matter of self-belief and relience. If you had tried a lot uptil now and you haven’t been able to live up with such stature that means you haven’t tried upto certain mark which will lead you to develop your personality. Try again with unique innovation.

      1. Painful to tab hoga na jub expectations k khilaf kuch result aae ga
        ap ne to phir 9 din lagae zindagiyon se nilane mein
        mein to 2 din mein nikal jaun ga zindagiyon se.:D

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