Earthquake in Lahore 20 march 2014

Just had jolts of earthquake in lahore, Pakistan. (Many reports are from the lahore cantt about earthquake) The jolts weren’t much scary but haven’t experienced the zalzala here for quite a while! so it was bit strange! The earthquake lasted for around 4 seconds or so. Will update more if there’s anything interesting! stay tuned! […]

Police and Media in Shifa International Hospital today 3rd july 2013

Well there was a few police men roaming around here and there for last few weeks in shifa international hospital islamabad, but today they were there is a large number. Police was covering all the exits of the hospital and also present inside the hospital at different places. There was alot of media there too. […]

Fasla rakhain warna pyar ho jay ga

Just wanted to share this awesome picture on the back of the truck saying “fasla rakhain warna pyar ho jay ga” Note: I haven’t acquired this picture myself, found it online, sharing it for you! have fun! (click on the image to enlarge it)

Firing in G-9/1, Islamabad – 3rd November 2011

Many rounds have been shot in G-9/1 region right now. I can hear cars moving around and cross fire going on probably 2 streets away from my home right now. Rounds aren’t being fired from a machine gun, looks like a pistol or semi automatic weapon being used.

Look me in the eye . . .

Everyones life has a story, a completely unique one. . . I, or no body, can say he’s the most special one, but ya, like you, I have a story too, Today, I’m trying to have more, patience . .

Columbus day – memory of torture, racism, genocide, rape, grand theft . . .

I was on Facebook today and saw a somewhat weird post regarding columbus day. Would simple share the image and text beneath it, in the end do let me know your views! As Yanks celebrate Christopher ‘Asshole’ Columbus day, let me remind you of few facts coupled with my opinions: ————————–———————– Fact#1 Christopher Columbus wasn’t […]

When I repelled first time – an awesome experience

Please don’t ask me what repelling is! um.. well ok those who don’t know about it, it’s an act of coming down from a rope, jumping and pushing along the wall or hill/rock (you might have seen it in movies and commando stuff) When I first repelled, it was scary! not because I was scared […]

Reply to Muhammad (saw) and Ayesha (a.s) – for reference

Firstly: It was Allah who ordered the marriage of Aisha to the Prophet. That of course, takes us right back to the main issue that we talked about in the seminar about how to stop going round in circles. The one answer that answers all the questions! Secondly: By marrying the Prophet at such a […]

Death penalties in Bible – for reference

Comments from the Bible: As you approach a town to attack it, first offer its people terms for peace. If they accept your terms and open the gates to you, then all the people inside will serve you in forced labour. But if they refuse to make peace and prepare to fight, you must attack […]

Ah! Imran Khan showed his Reality! finally!

Note: This post is my personal opinion – I am open to change my view (And this post) if provided some logical explanation I’m not sure if Imran Khan will be able to save the “kids” votes that he gathered all these years anymore! Initially, I and many others who knew he’s a gamer, were […]

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